Manuals for TAD-1000 and TAD-150

I have/had a pair of TAD-1000 mono blocks and a TAD-150 Signature pre-amp. I used them for a number of years but have moved on to some Icon Audio gear (phono pre-amp, pre-amp and mono blocks) that I really like. I've given the TAD stuff to my nephew. I've searched all over and cannot find any docs for the TAD equipment, though I'm sure I had some at one point. Now that Paul G has left us, I have been unable to find any docs for either the mono blocks or the pre-amp. I'm particularly interested in the bias setting procedure for the TAD-1000 mono blocks.

Does anyone know of a location or source for getting any of those docs in digital or hard-copy format? Would love to give my nephew, as a budding tube neophyte, the right docs to use and maintain this excellent gear.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Many thanks.
Gary Melendez