Manuals for TAD-1000 and TAD-150

I have/had a pair of TAD-1000 mono blocks and a TAD-150 Signature pre-amp. I used them for a number of years but have moved on to some Icon Audio gear (phono pre-amp, pre-amp and mono blocks) that I really like. I've given the TAD stuff to my nephew. I've searched all over and cannot find any docs for the TAD equipment, though I'm sure I had some at one point. Now that Paul G has left us, I have been unable to find any docs for either the mono blocks or the pre-amp. I'm particularly interested in the bias setting procedure for the TAD-1000 mono blocks.

Does anyone know of a location or source for getting any of those docs in digital or hard-copy format? Would love to give my nephew, as a budding tube neophyte, the right docs to use and maintain this excellent gear.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Many thanks.
Gary Melendez
Thanks, but I'm looking for manuals for Paul Grzybek's Tube Audio Design amps and preamps. I believe the one you're posting a link for is a Digital to Analog converter. Similar model designation but a different manufacturer and component. Thanks anyway, though.
I had not gotten those, imhififan. Much appreciated. The TAD-60 Bias instructions are especially helpful.