I'm looking for a Manual or any info on;
George Wright Sound, WPL-20 phono/line with WPS-06 power supply.
Thanks for your help.
No luck, but I did find some info on the net.  I checked out,
"the waybackmachine" for interesting reading and saw some old Wright sound Brochures.

I'm thinking of selling the unit, been listening to Audio Note M1.

I started using mine in front of my Inspire 6FLV.  I put in about 10 hours yesterday not realizing the time fly away.  Not the most productive day, but I had to check out it was working right?
Nice, when you don't realize the time.  You know the music is right!  GW did build some amazing equipment.  I purchased brand new from GW 2A3 mono blocks and I'm still enjoying them.