Manu Katche

I was wondering is it just me or is his 2 albums { Playground and Neighborhood } simply amazing works of jazzart. I find them both hypnotic and engaging . Intelligent and reserved , the music is filled with black space that allows the notes to linger and develop. I am addicted to both . This guy is incredible. Any Manu Katche fans out there?
I (very) recently picked up "Playground" and really like it. I'll have to spin it a few more times before I put it in the "incredible" range though. It's definitely worth having in the collection though if you like mellow jazz especially.
I agree. A friend introduced me to "Neighborhood" a while back and I recently got Playground. Great works. Our local Jazz station plays him a fair amount as well.
Manu Katche has been a favorite of mine since I became familiar with his
work with Peter Gabriel and Sting.

When I read a previous recommendation for "Playground" and
"Neighborhood", I immediately checked them out and purchased

It’s a pleasant, easy listening style of jazz. Perhaps perfect for background,
dining or reading music. I don’t find much in it that's challenging, new or
particularly interesting. Mostly, it strikes me as commercial, New Age jazz. It's well played and well recorded.

If you seek these titles out with the idea of hearing something inventive from
one of he world's best drummers, I believe you will be disappointed.
However, if you approach the music from the standpoint of pleasant, mellow,
piano jazz, then it will likely please.
A finely tailored suit , aged wine and poetry are admired by discriminating pallets . Its often the subtle nuances of speech that signal wisdom . I would imagine Mark Twain to have been soft spoken . Manus work on these 2 albums deserve study imo. What they are not is obvious . What they are speaks volumes to me. Fluid , carefully constructed and woven together instrumental arrangements that are restrained yet convey emotion and passion . His drumming is a Master Class in my eyes but you must dig below the surface to sense it. These albums require patience and attention to their well conceived detail. Background music ... I beg to differ .
I watched him play in Dallas years ago with Peter Gabriel.
We arrived at the show early for set up (selling merchandise, tshirts, etc) and by the time we had set up,
the sound check began, so we strolled into the venue and
made our way quietly toward the stage. After sitting a few
rows back, the band waved us forward... so we moved up to
front row (right)

I am still blown away to this day, frankly.

Manu has an interesting playing style (form) that
would not be considered technically correct, yet he
STILL blows many drummers out of the water, imho.

Fairly darn amazing drummer indeed.
Brainwater: I couldn't agree more. He has a way of carving up a simple time signature in so many ways...always keeping the listener engaged. What I find especially appealing about his two latest ECM releases, is that he uses wraped wood dowels and brushes more than he uses sticks, really brings out the nuances of drums and cymbals. Speaking of about those little splash cymbals (6 inch and larger) he uses?! To me, this is a big part of his signature sound. Check out some sound clips on the Drummerworld website:
If you like his two latest releases, check out his work with Jan Garbarek as well. Enjoy.
Brainwater, I was a drummer for many years. I am very appreciative of the
subtleties of percussion, and I appreciate what Katche is doing on these

I am not debating the quality of the music or playing. I'm primarily
highlighting the style, which is not particularly innovative, and unlike what many
Katche fans might expect. So, if one is curious, the I suggest playing the
samples available on Amazon before buying the disc.
I tend to agree with Tvad. Although I haven't heard "Playground", I do have the "Neighborhood" cd.

He's a good drummer, not agressive, very musical.
The music is nice too. But I wouldn't categorize it as amazing.

Also, take into account that he has a great selection of musicians on the "Neighborhood".

if you like this style of music, you may also like Tomas Stanko(he's on Neighborhood disc by the way) and his rythm section(piano, bass, drums) as a separate band I beleive called a "Triangle".
I love Tomasz Stanko Quartet's "Suspended Night.

If you like Stanko, you may also like Nik Bartsch's Ronin "Holon".
Vinyldisc , I am so moved by these discs that I am considering flying to the upcoming show in Paris . I am glad you like him as well... Mdrummer , thanks for the comments. Appreciate the heads up on Jan Garbareck. Fellow drummer I salute you ! Speaking of drummers , I didn't know you were a drummer Tvad. Your points are well taken and your input is appreciated . I will check out Holon, thanks .
This thread is simple : to show respect to Manu Katche and invite fans to share their admiration and experiences .

I certainly like Manu, although I can't honestly say that I quite share your passion for his music. That's fortunate for you!

If you can actually taste it, your enjoyment of this music - like your appreciation of wine, but not poetry or haberdashery - may be due to your discriminating palate. I suppose that poetry books and well tailored suits might be shipped on a discriminating pallet.

In good fun,

" I suppose that poetry books and well tailored suits might be shipped on a discriminating pallet."

Im still laughing , thats good Marty...
Agree with Tvad, Katche's playing on Neighborhood is good but not the best showcase for his talent. I was always much more impressed with his playing with Gabriel. I was a bass player for many years and have a good appreciation of drummers, since as a bass player you have to lock in w ith them. What I do like about Katche is, like many Moroccan percussionists, he uses the whole kit and does lots of forceful tom tom work. His work always seems to support the group he's with very well, knowing when to come more to the fore and when to lay back. That in itself is a skill.--Mrmitch
Count me as a fan. I just played "Neighborhood" a couple times ,in the last few days, and found it very engaging.Happy to have it in my collection.Long live ECM!
I too have both and absolutely love them. Another modern jazz album led by a drummer worth checking out is Brian Blade and The Fellowship Band "Season of Changes". If you like Manu, you're gonna like this too. Intricate and sensitive drumming, strong compositions. The rest of the band includes the Kurt Rosenwinkel on guitar (why is not more well known is beyond me, angular and intellectual with sudden dashes of passion), Myron Walden on alto sax and others. You won't be disappointed.
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