Mannheim Steamroller HDCD's, anybody heard them?

I just got my new Audio Advisor catolog today and I see that there is a new box set called "Aire Loom" that has all 8 Fresh Aire cd's remastered with HDCD. Have any of you heard it, and if so how does it sound?
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anything on HDCD just has to be a step above --- I haven't heard this set, but everything that I have on HDCD is noticably improved over redbook
as the older of my smartassed sons would say (note the deflection): listen to any version you want, but i'd prefer to be gagged by a spoon. -cfb
Grumpy my wife just picked up the latest 2001 Christmas release "Mannheim Steamroller Exrodinaire" this release is absolutely KILLER. Scintillating highs & deep powerful bass, some wonderful productions - man alive this disc really gets your attention!
Now I'm going to have to buy that set & sell my earlier versions - wow this is amazing stuff.
Thanks for your input Bob, much appreciated. I was at Sam Goody 2 days ago and saw they had Fresh Aire 3 and 6 hdcd's as seperates, not in the box set. They also have the Christmas cd's in a box set of their own, also hdcd remastered. I'll have to start replacing my originals now. I don't have a lot of hdcd discs but the ones I do have sound amazing. I can't wait to hear how the Fresh Aire discs sound.
There's currently a special on their website - purchase Christmas Extraodinaire & receive "Christmas Live" free.