Manley Stingray w/ Kef 104/2

I wonder if anyone has used or listened to this combo. I'm thinking about trying this(I already own the Stingray)in a relatively small (12X14)room.The Kefs seem to have good sensitivity but I've read they like a fair bit of power. Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this.

agree with jaybo, mine drove Maggie 1.6 with no problem
I have a Stingray too. I have low sensitivity speakers about 88 and they play at a decent volume. I'm not sure but I think if you check the specs of our amp, doesn't have the ability to provide the significant current even though it is relatively low wattage?
Have you tried the combination yet? I would be very interested to hear in the stingray can power your KEF's. I have the same speakers and am a huge fan of the other Manley gear I own & have never considered the combination. If you wouldn't mind - please post a follow up once you've had a chance to try the combo out.