Manley Stingray & magnepan MMG's

Been hearing so much about tubes I am intersted in changing my secondary 2 channel system in my bedroom with a manley intergtrated stingray. I am currently using a mcintosh 7150, ( 150 WPC ) in a realativley bright room. Room size is 20 x 24, and ceilings are 13 feet. My concern is weather the 40 WPC would be enough to make the maggies sing like they are suppose to. Nothing wrong with the mac, but I love to try new things. Any input would be appreciated, Thanks....John..I will also be using a classe CDP-3 CD player.
I ran a Stingray with my Maggie 1.6s and while in needed more power with them it pumped out the power nicely, more than a 50 watt tube amp should. Also the sound was quite nice with unusually good tone in the mids, horns sounded especially nice and the bass was robust as well. It is not the last word in detail but is a really sweet amplifier, I am surprised I do not read about them more often here on Audiogon.

I bought mine new and had a problem with the left channel selector switch (after only 6 months) they did replace it without any problems but I was disappointed by that aspect of it.

Bottom line is I think you should go for it.


Wow...that is a pretty big room for MMGs...any chance to upgrade to the 1.6s before buying a new amp? You wont regret it...
Had to spike my wife with a zanex to get the 3.6 in the living room, dont know what she will spike me with if I upgrade to the 1.6 in the bedroom. lol