Manley Stingray iTube tube roll.

 So I have been playing with the Manley for about two years, rolling a collection of speakers as opposed to tubes. Spica TC 50's,DCM time windows,Magnepan MG 2's,Klipsch KG 5.5 and 4.0,Usher 6371's and Tekton M lore.I was having lots of fun, but something  always seemed to be missing.One day when fooling with placement of the Manley after tapping it I noticed a breaking glass kind of sound  coming from the speakers.  After researching I discovered tube microphonics. I decided to replace the input and driver tubes,as the output tubes were testing fine. I replaced the input to two 12at7/ecc8,Amprex bugle boys French made and the drivers to two Raytheon 6414/3528 nos. Wow what I had been missing.The Ushers in UL are keepers,and the Klipsch kg 5.5 in Triode are very nice.
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