Manley Stingray EL 84 tube recommendations please

Time to replace my stock EL 84's on my Stingray. I believe my present 84's are Sovetek's. My knowledge on tubes is limited at best so your input would be greatly appreciated.
I like the sound of the Soveteks but looking for something a bit more lively, if that makes sense.
I read some good things about the JJ Tesla's.
Bass is important with the type of music I listen to: rock, jazz and electronic.
Great amp, use to own one. I've rolled some early Russians 7189, purchased from Upscale Audio, with great success.
The biggest improvement for me was when I changed the stock pre tubes with Mullard CV4024/12AT7 .
Good luck!
Very much liked the JJ EL84 with my Stingray. I have a nearly new octet that I am not using as I sold the amp. Let me know if you'd be interested.
Thanks for the responses.
Go with JJs, they are among the best currently made tubes.