Manley Snappers ... good tube monos?

Have not had the chance to demo these. If anyone out there has experienced them, would apppreciate your two cents. Also considering VAC, Wavac and Rogue. Looking
for that warm analogue sound with a little finesse.

Oddly enough, I'm also looking at the Herron M150s, which
are solid state, but have gotten very good reviews. Your
thoughts ...
Just picked up Snappers. Using them with Dali MS5s @89 db eff. Wow are these great!! Went from solid state 500wpch to these guys. They are about 110 @ 4ohms and the have all the punch you need. They are clean, musical,dynamic, detailed........They are also neat to look at. They come biased but are easy to check and set the tubes. I am using the Wyetech Jade pre and a Gamut cd1mk2. I use the snappers also with my home theater set up. They fit in superb.

Yes the Snappers are very good amps and are an excellent value. They're one of the most powerful tube amps for the money. They're solid performers.
I like them as well, from what I have heard. Interesting choice by the manufacturer in that they are the only, only Ultra-Linears I have seen on the market. Hence the high output. No shimmer of triodes for these guys - more of an all out assualt, which is not to say they aren't cubtle in their own way, but then I was in a showroom.
Snappers for First Sound pre?
I had the Snappers for a while and found them excellent. If your
looking for a laid back sound, look elsewhere. Very dynamic
and punchy. Still very refined though and a terrific mid-range.
Manley also has great support so if any issues should arrive
you'll have no worries. If I were to go back to tubes the Snappers
would be near the top of my list.

Thanks for your comments .