Manley Snapper vs Neo-Classic 250

I'm wondering if anyone has any opinions/experience/thoughts on the sound differences between these 2 amps.
Both are incredible power amps. But I think it comes down to preferences in music type and the loudspeaker performance.

What type of speaker are you using?

For me Neo-Classic 250 would provide the peak transient capability for dynamic music I prefer. Besides that, you can switch to triode mode for critical listening of a jazz quartet with close mike recording.

Later when you get the itch for new loudspeakers, you have more flexibilty with the Neo-Classic 250 for speakers that are efficient or difficult to drive.
My speakers are B&W CM6, but these will be replaced within 1-2 years, after my amp purchase. I guess my biggest hold up is whether the extra money I have to put out for the Neo's is worth it. The dual mode & extra power are certainly nice features.
Lapierre hit the nail right on the head.

I auditioned both amps on my ProAc Response 3 speakers with 89dB sensitivity and thought they sounded pretty similar, with the 250s perhaps edging out slightly in refinement.

However, I also auditioned both amps driving a pair of Joseph Audio Pearl speakers with 86 dB sensitivity and the 250s were clearly better; the sound was fuller and had more drive. There was an increased sense of ease to the sound.

So, yes, the 250s will give you a greater reserve of power and more flexibility when picking new speakers. But if you already have speakers you're happy with and, through an audition, can hear that the Snappers do as well as the 250s, it wouldn't be a mistake to choose the Snappers.
As a quick FYI, you can have a triode/ultralinear switch added to the Snappers when ordered.

***Manley dealer disclaimer***
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Just thought I'd chime in on the discussion to add a consideration. The Neo-Classic 250s are clearly wonderful amps and will provide more than enough power for all but the most difficult loads. That said, the selection of your next set of speakers is very critical to your amplifier choice. Although important, be careful not to get too caught up with speaker sensitivity. Do pay very close attention to the speaker's full range impedance. Manufacturers typically report an average and this can get you into trouble with many tube amps. Look for a very flat impedance (i.e. easy to drive load). B&W is a prime example in many of their models, as their impedance is reported in the 4 to 6 ohm range, but upper bass frequencies can dip significantly. Your dealer should be able to clearly qualify his options given your amp choice.

On a separate topic discussed, please note that the Snappers can also be ordered with switchable triode/Ultralinear modes for a modest fee. We use dual mode Snappers in our store. They are also wonderful amps with the right speaker choice.

Hope this helps! Please support your local dealer.
True. That extra money could support other purchases to improve the listening experience.

What speakers are on your list for audition?
^ I have a long list to par down:
Monitor Audio
Reference 3A
Accoustic Energy
Living Voice
I've also always liked MBL...but pricey

I'll check on the extra cost to add the triode switch to the Snappers....might help close the price gap
The cost to add the dual switch to the snapper is $ that is a nice option to have. How much heat do either of these amps put off? Would putting either one on a shelf with about 16" of clearance to the one above be an issue?
What sort of heat do these things throw off? Could they handle being on the bottom shelf of something similar to this?

They would have around 16" of clearance (between them & shelf above).