Manley snapper vs Atma-sphere M60

Trying to figure out the best way to go between these 2 amps.  They'll be lighting up Tannoy Kensingtons.  I play mostly rock on CD's.

Any thoughts/comments......thanks.
Love the M60...had a chance to listen to them at local audiophile place and it sound so nice.He also said its was his favorite amp and coming from him who been in audio for 40 years and was a musician I agree with his opinion.
The Convergent Audio Technology amplifiers are truly the CAT's meow.
The Atma-Sphere M60, in my opinion, would be the ideal choice, 60 watts of purity, Speed, Dynamics, smoothness, Ultra low distortion and fatigue-free listening. It does carry the weight and emotion of the music you listening in a special way. 

If you do get the amp or any Atma-sphere amps. Make sure you get all the upgrades, Power Supply Boost, Caddoc Resistor Package and the Vcaps. Many Amps in my listening room worth even 4X the price have not done it all as good the Atma-Sphere Stuff. 

I agree...there a few amps I heard that sounded so nice.Like JaFox  mentioned the Cat JL series,Jadis JA series and the Atma Sphere M60.Cheapest in price is the M60 though and I could live with those for long time.
I'm running my Tannoy Canterbury's with M-60's and they sound incredible to my ears with all styles of music.