Manley Snapper Triode Switch/600 ohm switchable?

Hi Guys - Im curious if someone can explain a couple of things...

I get that the newer Snappers have a Triode switch for a smooth/relaxed vibe & a punchier/ tight feel....

so the earlier Snappers are just the smooth/relaxed : Triode switch(Ultra linear) is the punchier option with Triode switch...? 

Also speakers are Tekton Encores 4 or 8 Ohm impedance. Snappers have this XLR : 15 Kohm or 600 ohm Switchable....does this benefit me anyway? 

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Thanks buddy , wow, your rig is frighteningly cool . Just picked up the Snappers with Triode switch....guessing thats the tighter/punchier feel? Other is more relaxed....

Thanks for the XLR tip...on it...

What tubes do you recommend? 
man , do you have an engineer in room to operate everything ..? Must take about 5 minutes to turn on everything...  :) 
Wait , stay away from Russian tubes...? Aren't Tung Sol Russian? 
thanks for the info !