Manley Snapper Monoblocks or Mcintosh MC252

Which direction should I go?
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Provide a litte background on your system and what it is you are trying to accomplish, you will get better recommendations.Just a thought.

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It should drive near about anything fairly well.

but sheeeshh. your question is vague for sure. Did you ask yourself that one before posting it? Probably. but hten you had insider info that we don't.

Amp + speaker has it's own criterium unlike some other adjacent components may have in their own matches.
Ok, this is what I have Dynaudio Confidence C1 speakers, Manley Snappers (pair, Manley Jumbo Shrimp Preamp, VPI Scout with Benz Micro Ace S (low output), PS Audio GHPC, and Cambridge Audio 840C CD player. I briefly heard the mac at a local dealer and now not sure if I should go that way and PS - I do like the Manleys!
You own the Manleys and you have heard the Mac and you state,"now not sure if I should go that way and PS - I do like the Manleys!" You need to make up your own mind.Asking someone to pick your equipment for you is worse than an arranged marriage!!
i don't think the Snappers will properly drive the Dynaudios.
this has to be the worst thread on agon right now.
Tpreaves, there have been many documentaries that demonstrate the benefits of arranged marriages. Some studies show that after 10 years couples in arranged marriages are more happy (based on 150 questions) than those that entered into marriage for love, finding eventually that they were not compatible (love faded.)

I think the audio community is split between arranged marriage to amps, speakers, etc., and need for someone to "hook them up," while others take the plunge on their own.

Help me out here Mrtennis.

To answer the original question I think the Dynaudio's like power and current. Are the Manley's up to the task? I'm not certain.
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I've also read that dynaudios love current but the manleys drive them very well at low volumes. I guess after reading how the dynaudios can handle high current in the reviews is what stirred my curiosity about the Mac. I have the dynaudios due to a good price on demos at a local audio shop and have always wanted tubes as I started to build a good stereo system which is why I got the manleys.

I wanted to get some input as far as that mac goes after I had visited the dealer in town where I briefly listened to the mc252 and had read the dynaudio reviews.


Hello 3amadors,
Your question is valid. I have owned the Dynaudio Special 25's, and had C1's home for a trial, so I have a little experience with them.

In my room with my system I found the McIntosh to give the best sound. I use the MC402. I tried a small tube amp and it did not have the power for dynamic passages. The speakers lacked bass, slam, and fulness. And Dynaudios are very capable of those qualities.

Consider a McIntosh audition in your home and see what you think!
Sometimes I think that there should be a mandatory basic audio education couse (and test!) required before anyone can be allowed to buy high-end audio products.

But then what would we do for fun?
Thank you fot taking the time to reply which I do appreciate, especially since you have experience with the dynaudios, tubes and the mcintosh. I plan to try to arrange an audition a Mcintosh amp at home sometime this summer and I suspect I will find, as you say, that the mac will drive my dynaudios better.