Manley Snapper Mono's ur thoughts - PLEASE :

Today I just Sold My New Decware Zen TorII MK4 Tube amp and just purchased a set of Manley Labs Snapper Mono Blocks. Any one hear/use/own/know anything about these? I will be using them with Electrostatic Speakers, Martinlogan Spires and I would love any basic thoughts/Feedback about these. I have never heard them and going on my gut/faith in the brand based on what I have read and my love for the Manley 35 Watt mono's I own. Thank you very much for your time ...
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Anyone ever hear these? Just trying to get some info. Thanks
They are great amps. Clear, clean, powerful, rocking.
Owned them twice. Awesome for rock. Very driving sound. Very rhythmic.
Only sold them (twice) because I ultimately preferred my Canary CA339 monoblocks with their fifty watts of 300B push pull power over them.
Would still think about re-buying them.
I have them, great amps, wonderfully dynamic, warm mids and easy on the ear. Plus they are dead quiet and do not hum. Having said that, I use them to drive Thiels and am going to move up to Neo-Classic 250s soon. By far these are the best tube amps I have ever owned, I just want a little more oomph for these tough to drive speakers.