Manley Shrimp vs. Manley Jumbo Shrimp

Hi everyone,

Is there anyone of you who had the chance to compared the Manley Shrimp preamplifier vs. the Jumbo Shrimp? I saw that two tubes where added in the Jumbo version, plus the remote and its potentiometer.

Is there any influences on the sound from one model to another.

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No one has compared them?

Haven't compared them but I did own a Jumbo Shrimp (wonderrful preamp!) before I got a Steelhead and the dealer explained to me that the Jumbo also had an updated power supply which hypothetically increased the dynamic range. If this is about making a decision as to which one to purchase, I would definitely go with the Jumbo and enjoy the Remora remote for the volume and knowing that you have the latest design and form factor.
Hi Stevecham,

Yes, I think that I'll go with the Jumbo Shrimp. I'd like to have the remote.

A friend of mine has a Jumbo Shrimp and a Chinook. He consider to buy a Steelhead to use it as a phono preamp (for sure!), but also as a preamplifier. Do you tried this with yours?

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