Manley Reference 350

Hello everyone.
Wondering what people's experience with these amps are?
I will be using the to drive a pair of Revel Studio's in a home theater system.
My concern is how hot do these things run?
Is the power sufficient for my less than efficient revels?
I used VTL300's powering a pair of Magnepan IIIa's (84dB efficient) for a while and that was plenty of juice but the magnepans are a solid 4ohm load speaker, I understand that some of the Revel's drop to 2-3ohm load and that will be really hard on a tube amp, also for home theater you are better off with solid state or at least a hybrid (tube input, mosfet output) or get a tube preamp with a hometheater pass through and use a good solid state amp.

also do a search for Revel studio in the systems on Audiogon and see if anyone is currently running these with tubes and what they think!
The Manleys make lots of heat. I would suggest a pair of Jeff Rowland model 7's. Great tubelike sound, run much cooler, and lots of power to handle that load of the Revels.

Good Luck,