Manley or Rogue?

I wonder anyone compared Manley 250 Neo Classic to Rogue M-180 mono's. I know Manley is more expensive but would the M180 get very close? Thanks.
How the amps mate to your speakers will be the defining issue....the damping factor. Try both, then decide.
Prima Luna
Conrad Johnson
Manley in a walk away
Wow! I guess speaker matching is not that important as both have simular handling specs. I have Harbeth HL5 but thinking of getting big JBL k2 4600 in the future. How are their reliability factor? Anyone compared by listening?
If you keep your Harbeths, Manley Snappers with SHL5 is pure magic.
I'd go with manley.
Both are very good, but especially in light of Manleys huge recent price increases, Rogue is a WAY better value. I don't see a need to buy Chinese gear, ex. Prima Luna and Cayin, when an American company like Rogue offers such great performance/price and gives outstanding customer service as well.
I think Guppy has a great point and nothing against Manley.
Changing my tune to Manley
Stevecham, so you place the Manley above Conrad Johnson?
Not necessarily, my comment is mostly because I upgraded from a CAV50 to Snappers for power to my Thiel 2.4s and the result has been a very positive game changer. If I could afford CJ's top of the line monoblocks, I am sure that would be an upgrade to the Snappers. How they would compare to Manleys top of the line NeoClassic 500 watt monos is where it might get interesting, but this is all speculation. One thing I will say is that, the Snappers are a great deal quieter in the transformer hum area; Manley makes their own trannies and perhaps has an advantage of tighter quality control in this area. The build quality of CJ is up there with the best, no doubt. Also, it may be a bit unfair a comparison because of the power differences, but there is more tube lushness with that particular CJ; the Snappers (and the Chinook and Jumbo Shrimp) are more "solid state" in that the music is quicker and, especially for rock, this makes for a more coherent presentation in the timing of the music. In general, I feel lucky to live in a country where high quality manufacturers like CJ and Manley are doing what they do best, making great music generating gear and helping to keep working families employed. So in that context, I would not place Manely "above" CJ, but in the immediate context of my system, this switch on componentry has made a huge sonic improvement. And with regard to providing more power to the Thiels, I can hear Unsound saying, "told ya so." ;-)