Manley Neo- classic mono blocks paired to ML ESL 11A opinions please

does anyone have any experience with these amps especially with electrostatic speakers
What's the power rating on the Manley Neo's?
I know some Electro stats thrive on amps that have some "shoulders", good amount of power/current output.
I know Manleys are nice! But I've never had the chance to hear the Neo's.
If they are "neutral" sounding amps; they should be a good fit with the 11A's.
looking at the 250 mono blocks rated at 250 however they won't dip into the sub 1 ohm range my speakers are capable of so still a big question. With continued poking around I have discovered the Vincent SP T700's hybrid amps that look like they might be a better fit sonically and financially
Odyssey amps are stable to 2 ohm. I’d call Klaus and talk to him about it

Pvmike, not the best match. If you like tube sound use tube line level stuff. But for ESLs you are better off with high power AB amp like the Sanders Magtech unless you can afford one of the more expensive class A amps. If you can find a used set of Parasound JC-1s  that would be ultimate. JC says they are going to make a replacement but nobody knows when 
so I get it that tubes are not the best match with ESL speakers so my next question is what about hybrids. I started to look at the Vincent SP-T700 monos that are a hybrid with a ss final stage 

Funny thing here. I took a quick glance at this thread heading and thought at first that it said "Money no object monoblocks". lol.