Manley Laboratories Amps-what do you think?

I am planning on using monoamps to run two Martin Logan Summit speakes. My consultant has recommended Manley Laboratories Tube amps, what do you think?
For the stats I guess they're excellent(except the SET ones certainly). Plenty of power and excellent load characteristics. Moreover simple to troubleshoot and circuitries are available for nearly any model you'll acquire.
The downside is that they "eat" tubes too fast. They also will be as good with stock tubes as well as with any expencive NOS you will ever get so don't even bother gettin' there.
Manley Labs have mostly pro-grade tube equipment.
I have owned a pair of Manley 120 watt monoblocks for just over a year. They are well constructed and laid out, sound excellent. I have had no issues with "tube eating." They are easy to bias. I have had to replace one on/off switch but no other problems.

See my review at
I have owned a pair of 250 Neo-Clasics since 2002. Still using the stock tubes. 20-35 hours per week. They are the best thing I ever did for my sound enjoyment.
The quality is first rate. E-mails and questions I have had where answered quickly and on the money. IMHO you can't do better. I check the bias every 1 to 2 months. Very easy to do.
and it holds very consistant. Use the ever-warm swicth for 5 minutes at start up and 10 to 15 at shut down and it wil extend your tube life. Less thermo shock. Thero shock is what shortens power tube life. Triode and tetrode choice is way cool too. Like to amps in one. Plus they look so cool at night or with the lites on. A very happy Manley man!
I think the Manleys are a great recommendation for you. All their amplification from the integrated Stingray to the Monoblock powerhouses are known for their tight fisted power supply regulation and sound great with many types of speakers. IMO you cant go wrong here. :)
They were my top choice under your earlier ML Summit post, ie Manley's Neo-Classic 250. Also the amps with which I would replace/supplant my VAC's if I came up with the money.

They were more than your indicated budget at that time.

I've not owned them but have listened to them under conditions which I'm familier and did not find them wanting. They do not eat tubes provided, like all tube amps, that the tubes are properly biased which is quite easy with their setup.
I owned Neo-Classic 250's for one year and had no problems.
And, as stated above, they're very easy to bias. Never lost a tube in that one year either.
Very nice sounding amps and visually impressive also.

And chicks dig tubes! Both sonically and aesthetically.
A company that cares about their clients. My 250's ate tubes every 3 months but I have had tube failures with all the top tube amps. Excellent sounding but never heard the bass I was looking for and went back to Rowlands
have owned 250's since May 05. Operate with ARC LS-15 and Mag 3.6. I have had the pleasure of communicating with Evanna Manley herself. This company really stands behind their product. I ave circa 10 hours per wk of listen. Of course this will increase as it gets colder. I absolutely love the sound. They shoulkd be a good match with the ML's