MAnley Jumbo shrimp or Primaluna premium 3

As its only a week till manley skyrockets their price and the jumbo shrimp gets out of my reach a decision has to be made. Both PL premium 3 and manley i cannnot hear or try as no dealer around me has them , so as everyone around here has to buy and try so do i. My best sounding system sonus faber liuto with PL 7 el34 , with an idecco pre amp DAC using an ipod sounds great to me but im wondering about getting the pl3 or manley to further enhance the experience. Does anyone have any experience with them, so far im leaning towards the PL as it has HT bypass and sub out and i read that system synergy will help. ON the other hand MANley is such a great company and all built here in the USA. So times are hard and the dollar harder to earn, i really wonder which would serve me better. ps this amp will be mobile moving from my living room to my home office.
I just have one thought for you. Upscale Audio is a dealer for Manley, Prima Luna, Sonus Faber, and Peachtree. While , I have no personal experience dealing with "Uncle Kevvy", from what I have read he is quite knowledgeable.
Perhaps he would be a good source of info for what equipment works well together. He may also have some tube recommendations for you.
thanks a lot for taking the time to respond, in the end i could not figure out so i go tboth. oh well more hi fi for me
So what is your preference? I have a Jumbo Shrimp and it is my first tube pre. I never compared it to anything else because the sound was sooo pure and satisfying. Not that I'm looking to change, but now that you've owned both for a while I am a little curious to which one you prefer.
After a few months i decided on keeping the PL 3 premium not because it was better , but better for my purposes. I exchanged the manly jumbo shrimp for a manley stingray itube as i had missed the sound which it makes. Also the ipod end of the manley is not good so i am using the peachtree as a dac for it is very much better. system synergy with the PL is also more full bodied the stingray was more detailed.