Manley Chinook....power cord and interconnect recommendations....

I recently purchased a Manley Chinook phono for my second system.  

For those that that either have or had this phono preamp can anyone recommend a good power cord and interconnect to connect to my VAC integrated amplifier.  I am using a synergistic phono cable.  the speaker is the Harbeth 40.2.  I thought of keeping it synergistic but wanted to hear what other cables people liked or preferred.  I know that tube rolling will be option down the road perhaps the seller on audiogon already upgraded the tubes to new stock Phillips tubes (might go Amperex 7308 later on)....thanks
I have the Manley Steelhead and use Cardas Parsec interconnects between my Ayre cx5emp universal player and preamp and also use the Parsec between the phono SUT and preamp. Couldn’t be more satisfied.

Morrow Audio is what I use for IC’s and they are incredible! MA3’s or better. Pay for the 5 day burn in and after 100 more hours they really open up and they are magic. The Chinook is a fairly lightweight unit so big, heavy, stiff, power cord is maybe not the best choice. Morrow makes flexible thinner style power cords as well. Also, go to the Manley Labs website

Matt M

P.S Lets hope the seller included the original set, The original tubes that Manley uses are some of the best sounding!