Manley Chinook Owners - Loading for a Soundsmith Zephyr MIMC Star - Need Help Please

The manual for the cartridge recommends resistance loading in the range of 470 to 1000 ohms. The manual for the Chinook, if I am reading it and its chart correctly, has 32 loading options but only one above 470 ohms, that is the 787 (800ohm) option. So I have only one option with this cartridge and phono pre? Also if anyone has/had  the Chinook - are the dip switches at the back of the unit On or Off in the "up" position? Reason I am asking is I had the Star set up with the Chinook but thought I was hearing alot of surface noise on my albums. This caused me to question if I was interpreting the manual, and dip switch settings correctly. I have the gain dip switches internally set correctly for MC, that is very clear in the manual with a diagram. I don't want to just randomly set switches for different cartridges, I want to fully understand it. And yes, it could just be a case of audio nervosa! LOL! Thanks!