Manley chinook & low output mc’s

Does anyone have experience with a Manley Chinook driving a low output mc cartridge. I’m Thinking of buying a Hana SL with a output of .5 mV. Thanks 
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I have a Manley Chinook using a Lyra Delos, .6mV.  All is great... what’s your question?
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Use the 60db setting on the Chinook. You will be fine. I've demoed the Chinook, great phono stage.
ekimg, sorry, my question is, can the Manley handle a low output mc cartridge having a output of.5 mV without getting to noisy. So I guess you answered that. Thanks 
Pipetowers.... I have two arms - one with the Delos rated at .6mV and an Ortofon 2M Bronze MM rated 5mV. I switch back and forth. I notice no difference in “noise” from the Chinook with the low output of the Delos. 
ekimg, thank you, I think that answers my question as far as the chinook driving a lomc. How much gain does your line stage have? Thanks 
I don’t know?  The Chinook is connected to a Line Magnetic 518 integrated amp; 22 wpc, 845 SET amp.  How do I determine it’s gain?  Don’t see that in any specs?
I don’t couldn’t find any specs for gain on a 518ia any either. Thanks
John Atkinson's measurements of the overall gain (line stage + power stage) of the LM-518IA, as reported in Stereophile, are as follows:
The maximum voltage gain, measured into 8 ohms, varied with the output tap, but was appropriate for an integrated amplifier: 40.2dB (16 ohm tap), 38.6dB (8 ohm tap), and 36.5dB (4 ohm tap).
Those are fairly typical numbers for the combination of a line stage preamplifier and a power amplifier, as well as for an integrated amp.

-- Al
So that answers my question as my peramp/amp combination numbers are close to that of the 518ia. Thanks to all, Happy New Years 
I have used new old stock Great American Sound’s sleeping beauty(GAS) low output MC cartridge (0.23mV) with the Manley chinook special from Upscale Audio and they sound great. They do recommend though 0.4mV and greater for maximum performance so you should be fine with Hana SL cart.

@pipetowers, I saw a thread elsewhere saying that the Hana didn't get along with the Chinook.  He had a video showing that every 10 to 15 seconds, there would be a "thump" sound coming from his speakers.  He tried a lot of things, but ended up figuring out it was something to do with the Hana.  It seems like there was a static buildup that would pop, and you'd hear it through the speakers.  

Did you have any issue like that?  FWIW, I have the Chinook and I'm very happy with it.  It's a great phono stage.
no problems with my chinook and Hana combo. Some chinooks had issues with their mc stage causing a popping sound.