Manley Chinook

I am using a Soundsmith Zephyr MIMC ES star cartridge with my turntable.  For the of you using similar setups, what settings are you using on the Chinook.  Tonearm is Nottingham Analogue Ace Space 9".

I can't directly answer your question but I have the Manley Chinook.   I called Manley and spoke with the tech who was able to help me.  I have a moving coil and if I remember correctly, he said because my cartridge wasn't a moving magnet, the gain settings weren't critical.  I have the Soundsmith Paua mk.
Depends upon the output of your cartridge and the available gain settings on your Chinook. Also, are you using the Chinook with a separate linestage or as a full function preamp? If the latter, then you are getting all your gain from the phono section. (Linestage section of Chinook adds zero gain.) If the cartridge is like a typical LOMC (and I know it is not actually an MC cartridge but I think it’s a low output MI), then you probably need at least 60db of gain, which was the highest available on the first version Chinook. I think the revised version now makes max of 65db gain. You don’t want or need to add capacitance. I would start with a load resistance of 47K ohms. There is no danger of damaging anything if you start with those settings and have a listen. I don’t know what the factory guy told you, but it sounds like he was either not paying attention to your needs, or he didn’t know enough to give you enough to go on, or both. (I guess that latter thought is directed at malatu.)
I have this combination.  I use 60db gain and 800 ohms.  Soundsmith recommends 470 ohms or higher.
What @ljs_fin said.  I have the Paula mk ii with the same settings and its amazing.  My integrated is the with the rogue audio Cronus magnum ii.