Manley 500 Neo Classic Monoblocks

I am looking for the holy grail, all in one package, detailled mids and highs, airy, lots of punch and enough power to drive any speaker this the amp ? Who has experience with these amps ?

Then I have the choice of 6550 tubes or KT 90's ?
Your advice qould be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks, joe
I thought it was the Neo Classic 250, I could be mistaken. It is hard to make advice what is the best with out knowing what other gear you have and what music you prefer listening to. I would say with out a doubt in my mind the Tenor 300hp is the most flexible and best sounding amp I have ever heard in my life- they are simply amazing when they go to market, I don't think people will be ready for that sort of performance. Again I don't know what your looking to spend but when I get new amps I know what they are going to be, I am ending the amp upgrade path for a long while after them(at this point there is NOTHING better, that I have heard, be a LARGE margin).
I auditioned a pair of Neo Classic 250s a while ago with the Sound Lab U-1s. I'm sure they work well with other speakers, but they weren't a good match for mine. This was before the backplates were updated which reduces the midrange impedance dip (6 ohms at 500 Hz instead of about 2 ohms), so the results might be a bit different today.

Brian Walsh
Essential Audio
I have used Manley 350 amps for many years and I believe the circuits in current models are very close even as the fit and finish has greatly improved. This is a very good amp that I have not been tempted tochange. I heard the Tenor OTLs and was impressed, as I have been by very few amps. Dont know the system you have or contemplate but fashion asideI like the Manley amps for their(so slightly, warm sound) and in my units great reliability.