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I have been using a Rio MP3 player with a pair of Grado headphones when exercising recently. It sounds mediocre but it is a lot of fun. To sustain energy and rhythm during grueling workouts, my trainer recommends James Brown. I have also been listening to Herbie Hancock Headhunters. Tower of Power "What is Hip" really hits the spot, perhaps my all time, calorie burning favourite. Maybe my taste goes back a few years because I am getting old, but I would greatly appreciate any suggestions along these lines, new or old. In addition to exercising, the same style of music and recommendations would probably also be useful for drinking too much and driving too fast if those subjects are of interest to anyone.
I hear you CWlondon check out The Brand New Heavies the CD Shelter, good sound quality and decent recording. They are kind of a R&B and funk fusion different and worth listening to.
Tireguy, I have heard the Brand New Heavies and think they are very pleasant and lively band, although a bit trendy and I am not so sure they will age well. Nonetheless, I used their CDs very successfully when entertaining nubile, young guests during my bachelor days in London. Did anyone else enjoy the scenes in American Beauty where Kevin Spacey decides he has to get in shape to feel young again? "All Right Now" (Free) and "The Seeker" (The Who) if I remember correctly. Surely there must be other suggestions for musically credible, high energy pop/rock/soul music. Anyone...anyone???
I'm not sure these are what you're looking for. But since you seem to be fishing for suggestions, I'll lay these on you: A La Carte Brass & Percussion "Boogeyin'! Swamprock, Salsa & 'Trane"; C-Nuts "Blitzkrieg Bop and Other Jazz Mutations"; Joe Stanley "King of the Honky Tonk Sax"; and maybe "Bluiett's Barbeque Band".

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Try Coco Montoya " Suspicion" on alligator records & Jimmy Thackery & the Drivers "Sinner Street" if these two can't get you moving it's time for the paddles.