mani 2 speakers with bryston

I currently have bryston 4bsst2 amp bp6 pre and bryston cd player . I was wondering if the mani 2 speakers would a good match for this system. Thank You.
Yes it would and is. The Mani,s like the high current and the brystons provide it and work well together. Other than some of the uber expensive amps available the 4bsst is a good choice for the mani,s. Cheers.
Yes, they will work well especially if you get another one and have them in bridge mode. The Mani's need a ridiculously large amount of power to get them to really sing. 500w @4ohm will work well, which the 4b will give you. I bet however two 4b's will give you a large improvement.

I had the A5.5 Musical Fidelity integrated amp with 400w@4ohm and it was not enough although it did sound good, it was ultimately missing the magic that Mani's are known for, something I heard when I had Roland 7 mono's a while back. Your Bryston separates will give you more power than I had with the A5.5.

I say go for it.

Hi, I currently also have a 4b sst2 and BP6 and I'm using Dyaudio Contour S1.4s and I think this is very similar to the totem mani. I suspect the mani would work great, but I have not tried it. However, if possible I cannot recommend the S1.4 highly enough with the Bryston gear. It is such a synergistic match made in heaven. The Dyns are warm and the Bryston gear leans the other way. Superb combo. Hear it if you can. A sweet pair in gloss black for sale right now...