Mani-2 Sig. Vs. Wind

With 400 watts on tap at 4 ohms both speakers would be driven properly. I am still weighing the trade-offs with each. I am having a hard time figuring out which one I want. If I go with the Mani-2 I will without doubt add a REL sub down the line, but I know integration takes a lot of work and if the Wind offers bass extension down to 24 Hz than I am thinking this would be a better way to go and may even be cheaper in the long run. I have really narrowed it down to these two speakers but deciding which one is tough, my dealer does not have the resources to properly setup the Mani-2’s in a 2 channel configuration with a sub. And his Winds are not properly broken in. I am wondering if placement will be more of an issue for the wind in a smaller room. Any ideas guys? Thanks!
RELs are the easiest subs by far to blend with satellites and I am also a fan of the Mani-2. RELs improve the soundstage of any full-range speaker. And yes, you can have bass problems with true full-range speakers in a small room because of room gain.
I operate a McIntosh MC-252 into a pair of Mani-2s and find the bass to be superb, especially the LF material. I run a REL Stadium III sub with a pair of Sonus Faber Concerto's and it blends perfectly. I have used the REL with the Mani-s in a HT system with the M2s cut off below 80-Hz with very good seemless blending.

Forget the REL,get a DD-15 by Velodyne. The DD series subs are already changing the future.
"Forget the REL, get a DD-15.."

I would agree if he is planning to high-pass his Mani-2s and/or he has nasty bass problems, but Mani-2s are famous for their low bass, so a REL would also make a good match.
Email or call Vince at Totem. He has been very helpful with me and will be more than willing to answer your questions. Also, see the thread re: Velodyne v. Rel. It might prove helpful. Probably not much need for the DD-15 though unless your room is huge. The dd-10 and 12 are both amzingly fast and all the base you should need. Vince will likely suggest the Totem Thunder Sub, but I've haven't heard or seen any reviews on it.

Personally, I really like the winds. I have the forests and would love to upgrade when I get purchase the power to drive the winds. As mentioned above - Mani-2's are also a great choice. You can't go wrong here with either speaker choice or either sub.
I know they have double bass drivers,but I doubt they go flat to 15hz.
Mani-2 have a quite decent bass reproduction, I have tried more than one time to add a sub and it is always a give-and-take game. At the end I preferred not to include a sub in order to gain transparency in the midrange due to blending problems.

Blending problems. Exactly why the DD series subs. are so darn good. No quess work. On-screen sweeps show you what is happening in the room. First sweep the mains,and then the sub. volume a little at a time. The sub. video output goes into a monitor,the sub. output signal to stereo input,and put the sub. mic in the center listening postion. Play the sweep and adjust the EQ to fit the room. I have it setup quite flat to 15hz. Seemless....