Manger Owners?

Are there any Manger owners, I just received my pair of 109's and wanted to share views
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I had a pair for a while. They were amazingly clear and fast sounding as I recall... But I also recall that they had a high frequency anomaly of some sort that prevented them from reproducing stringed instruments like the violin correctly. If not for that shortfall, I would have liked them much better.
Did they take a long time to break in?
I owned two pairs of Manger drivers (black with the Neodymium) magnets, but getting get around to building the cabinets for them. so, I am now selling my Manger drivers (cheap) on Audiogon (also Videogon) as of 11 Jan 2005.

I tested a pair a few years ago and was very impressed by the measured flat frequency and impulse response.

Perhaps the Mangers go unappreciated by most audiophiles?
Audio: did you test the drivers alone? If so, have you posted the test results anywhere?? Cheers