Manger Driver by itself

Does anyone know if anyone makes a loudspeaker with just the Manger Driver or Three drivers without any woofers?
Would only be 1/2 a loudspeaker manger is not full range. I do have a plan for a 3 manger with woofer loudspeaker not cheap to build mangers are costly I have work with them before.
Manger makes there own single driver speaker in an open baffle style. They specify it to 100Hz and recommend a subwoofer to support the lower frequencies. This would be ok depending on how loud you play - ie. the louder you play the higher you need to crossover to avoid the Manger being pistonic. All current experience points to 300Hz or higher as the optimal crossover point, with bass support required below this. Having said this, it is possible to listen to a Manger on its own full range on an open baffle but it will be limiting with bass.