Mandolin music

Have not had any free time to play on ag for a time. Need to ask a question.

I was with the flu a month or 2 ago and while asleep on the couchIheard amosbeautiful song from a man named Marty Setwart ( I think ) It was on Austin City Limits I think? Couldnt tell you the name of the song or any details, (had some really great cough syrup from the dr.)
Decided then I needed to learn to play this instrument.
My father in-law has already did the bluegrass thing 20 yrs ago and I like bluegrass but not what I'm after.

I like the sound of Heart, and some sounds but would like to expand my horizions. Dont really like the celt or even the Jethro Tull sound but I can appreciate good or original good music.

Dont know what I am really after, not something to try to replicate playing im still learning chords and runs. ( but I do play a vintage Gibson lp and a tube marshall)

Kind of likespacey hipnotic music, alt.rock, or anything really cool or in great taste.


Nickle Creek- Chris Thile is a mandolin God.
Jimmy Staats- Wires and Wood
David Grisman- Any Tone Poems CD

If you like mandolin you've got to have these!
cowboy junkies - alt.?
son volt - alt count
wilco - alt count
uncle tupelo - sonvolt/wilco
dave matthews band - ?
mike johnson - guitar
david poe - blue alt
wall flowers - pop?
Check out Andy Statman. He is now a klezmer musician, but he kicked out a mandolin cd about 20 years ago called Andy's Ramble which is sort of soft blue grass mandolin. Andy is a terrific musician and truly a great mandolin player.

Also check out Paul Glasse. Is it jazz mandolin? Sort of. But whatever it is, it is very nice.
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