Managing EMM Fiber Optic cables

These cables are really long. Should they be left to hang or coiled up or isolated? I wish there was a shorter version. Thanks for any thoughts.
just be sure not to kink them or step on them. also keep the ends plugged when not in use as dust won't help them.

personally, i coil them up and use twist-ties to keep them neat and out of the way. they are so light that you can position the coils easily by a little effort.

there are short versions as they are common products; i would suggest e-mailing EMM Labs to find out where you can get a shorter version. there is an issue of 'proper spec' so just any ST cable might not give you 100% performance.

personally i have not compared different brands of ST cables. there is a very expensive version, Aurial Symphoney...but i cannot say whether it is better or worse than the one's EMM Labs supplies.
Mike, Thanks for the (always sage) advice.
I somehow prefer to leave them unwound or large loops. They seem to sound better that way. Give it a week at least. Having tried (didn't like) the stock cables as these take long time to settle in, I have gone through Aural Symphonics initial AT&T to Audioquest (stereophile recommended)options. They all have a different sonic charater and can be also very out of phase (easily distinguishable- vocal images become 5-6 feet wide) if connected the wrong way (Aural Symphonics initial AT&T before Optimism series came out).
I have used glass cables from 15 years back when EAD started carrying them on their transports and Dacs. I have finally settled for the Aural Symphonics EMM series cables and they do make a difference with bass, depth and a tighter focused image. If they are worth the money is up to each one's opinion.
My two bits anyway.
Thanks Nevillekapidia. Anyone else try Aural Symphonics EMM series cables?
Rgs92-At $3K a set, I really wonder how many would have perceived the value!