managable and affordable indoor FM antenna

I'm using one that NPR recommends (standard but heavy duty/flexible T-shape) and it works pretty well, but I'm hoping there is something better out there. I tried the GODAR without much success. Trying to pick up Baltimore stations better (I am in DC suburbs).

For me affordable means <$200

Thanks in advance for your suggestions
Unless you can go with an outdoor directional antenna and rotor, stick with the dipole.

I have a Godar and no longer use it. It is unobtrusive in some setups and serviceable on some tuners but utterly fails on others, depending on the tuning system used. I'm back to a dipole now.

If you have trouble getting FM stations you like and have internet access, try Internet Radio and leave antenna woes behind.

Which Baltimore stations specifically are you shooting for?
I use a small outdoor antenna indoors. The Winegard HD6000 (Prostar 1000) is 65.5" x 33" and costs $17.93 + shipping from Solidsignal. It provides about 5 dB more gain than a dipole. I just hang it on the wall behind my rack. I listen to only one station, but it seems to work well with others without reorienting it. Some people consider it an eyesore.
I use the C. Crain FM Reflect, which may be what you're using. I'm able to receive quite good reception from up to 65 miles away, however, I'm in an ideal location. I'll use these antennas until I erect a proper roof mounted yagi.
All -- thanks for your responses. Very helpful and confirms my experience.

Mapman, I'm trying to reach the lower end of the dial Baltimore stations: NPR, classical. 90.1 90.9 etc.

Lars, yes my antenna is the Craim FM Reflect. I may try putting it higher.

Jlupine, WAF issues will prevent trying your solution, but it is indeed clever.
For indoor use, I've had very good results with the Silver Ribbon from Magnum-Dynalab. It's a passive dipole but in a unique folded shape. You can adjust the height/width to fine-tune for stations at either the lower or upper end of the FM dial.

Relatively inexpensive and worth checking out.

This is Lars again. I put mine on the floor and move it around until whatever station I'm trying to tune is clear. Higher may not be the answer. Again, Lars
I wanted to resurrect this thread as I have been searching for an antenna solution that works as well. I've tried many antennas without any luck, including an outdoor antenna similar to this one which I tried on both of my tuners in a variety of indoor & outdoor locations without much success:

I also tried a Magnum Dynalab ST-2 whip antenna without much success-a lot of static and distant stations still would not come in clearly. My living room is a real problem as it is partially underground. After reading many posts on A'gon and elsewhere I finally decided to try a set of rabbit ears with an fine tuning adjustment knob like this one:

VIOLA!! I am suddenly getting crystal clear reception for the first time ever, and I'm able to get distant stations that I've only been able to pickup in my car before. The best part is that I found the above rabbit ears (identical in fact) on Ace Hardware's online outlet store for $10 a piece. This is the best $20 I've ever spent on my stereo systems!

BTW, no connection at all to the Ace site or antenna, I just wanted to share a solution to long time problem with fellow A'goners. I did try to buy the rabbit ears from the A'gon sellar however he or she does not respond to offers to buy, emails or phone messages any longer.