MANA turntable support for VPI Aries?

In reading the rave reviews about the MANA turntable stand set ups, all the users seem to have Linn LP and/or Rega turntables.

Does anyone have any experience/recommendations about using MANA with a VPI Aries turntable?

Thanx, in advance.
I have good dood thing sabout two supports with VPI: Symposium and Neuance.
I have not heard the Neuance but the VPI is recommended by the owner of VPI. They have a right up just for the Aries on
I started with an ultra under my tube preamp thinkign it was the final piece of my audio puzzle. Wrong! I bought ultras for all my components the change was so remarkable.I highly recommend the Symposium products.
The Aries is too large to fit on a Mana stand or wall support. The recommended minimum Aries shelf footprint is 16" x 22" whilst a Mana rack's shelf measures approx 15" x 19".When the Mana support was first sold over a decade ago, large turntables like the VPI were in the minority(particularly in the UK) and the LP12 was in it's heyday.
You'll also note that most Mana shelf spacings are perfectly spaced to suit Naim electronics and are too tight for many other equipment lines.It appears that the product was primarily built and designed to suit John Watson's personal tastes and favored equipment rather than intended from the outset to meet the needs of a broader audience.
All the VPIs at my local audio dealer are on Target shelves. I don't know the relative merits of these different products (as I have a Linn on a Mana), but Target is possibly another option.
The Symposium prducts are fitted for target racks. You can use them without the racks, as I do, but the shelves are a drop in replacement. FYI I guess...