Male audiophile seeking Female audiophil

In the past 10 years I've experienced the fact that none of the women I have been involved with have shared the same interest and enthusiasm that I have for Hi-end quility stereo equipment. Because of my passion and my lady friends inability to relate it seems that I always turn into this stereo geek and occasional bore. I also feel cheated never being able to take any of the women I know to consumer conventions or visit various sound shoppes locally or when I,m out of town with them without them standing around impatiantly. For this reason I ask the question "are there any forums or chat rooms,etc. out there for audiophiles to meet"? If anyone know's anything please share it?

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"...will have sex for stereo..." Not me, but I picture a more desperate version of the original poster with the above sign. I feel for you, brother. Maybe you should hang out at hi-fi shops more. I _have_ seen women there. Or maybe go to the conventions alone.