Malaysian DIY Tube Preamp?

I've been wanting to get a tube preamp for my system, the only problem being that I can't afford one. I came across this Malaysian site that gives schematics and directions for making your own tube preamp, and was wondering if anyone here has made one or knows anything about it. Would this be a good way to go? I'm pretty sure I could pull it off as far as soldering together all the parts, although I would need to study it a little more before I fully understand what is going on in there... At any rate, it seems like a good little project for $150 bucks or so. Is there any caveat I should be aware of?

DIY tube preamp project
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About two years ago I picked up a Menthor Integrated amp which was a Malaysian built hybrid- tube and solid-state. It had a very nice sound and cosmetically it looked fantastic. Excellent product that you can find new for about $250.00 and it's NOT a DIY kit but a factory built unit ready to play. Do a google search on "Menthor" and it should produce two reviews with pictures. Good Luck.
This Malaysian designer has very lousy soldering skills...:-)