Making speakers sound tonally similar with an equalizer

Can two different speakers be made to sound similar by adjusting their frequency response to mirror each other with an equalizer? I'm sure it's not as simple as that but would it be possible. 

Can one, for example, reproduce a harbeth like sound by doing that?

Just curious.


Issues like phase non-linearity cannot be fixed with an EQ- it usually makes it worse!   Measuring and using a parametric to compensate can help response within the room but it cannot fix room problems which are usually at the heart of most of poor performance issues.


Bad idea.  You won’t get there, and inserting another piece of equipment in the signal chain is also not optimal.  Save up for the real thing rather than throwing $$$ down the drain on an equalizer.  My $0.02 FWIW. 

Looks like out of 4 responses, I am in the minority again.

However Dirac Live, and other EQ systems, sort of make the opinions that it makes bad sound seem a bit more like opinions than anything based in fact.

For example, the Lyngdorf “Room Perfect” intentionally only does room correction as the impulse response correction (like Dirac Live) would make all speakers largely sound the same. And tehir customer wanted their speakers sound character to not be altered, irregardless of whether it was right or wrong.

But that can devolves into whether “it sounds better, but is worse at matching the signal” is wrong… it is certainly not right though. And a 100 people will tell you that they trust their ears more than a microphone. 

The last I would do is to make my speakers (Salon 2) sounds like Harbeths. :-)

But seriously, I would never listen to or try to evaluate speakers if they hadn’t been corrected for room issues below 1000Hz. That would be very unfair to the speakers.