Making High End Clones at Home for Fun and Savings

I recently ordered a Sonic Impact amp from parts express and I have been experimenting with speakers including a pair of Epos ELS3's and the Radio Shack Presidians to use with an iPod.

On the one hand, this really made me appreciate my ARC, Levinson, and Tympanis which was nice.

But as you know if you have tried these bargain components, they can sound surprisingly good. And experimenting with them has given me a bit of a do it yourself bug.

Can anyone please provide more links or details on how to make high end components at home?

Given the fairly easy availability of good drivers, can we also buy high quality, simple crossovers? Amplifier kits?

Composite cabinets to knock off Green Mountain Audio or Wilson monitors?

This is FUN! Please do tell.

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I haven't been allowed outside links for a while.

Audionova is a listing of starting points.
Raw accoustics has some unfinished speakers.
Nelson Pass still contributes at DIYAudio occasionally.
Borbely audio has very nice kits.

You might want to start upgrading caps from 80's speakers or amps, before a 100' dive with a snorkel. There's a few reasons why these things are so expensive.