making connections ?

Can I connect RCA connectors to RG6 coax cables for video.Reason being...I just got a job where some hack installed (6)cable wires for these peoples plasma TV.The wires are run around a fireplace.How about the heat from this diect vent fire place?Why me?
Kg: I don't see a problem with what you want to do other than the heat that you mentioned. Obviously, try to keep the cables away from the heat as best possible.

Other than re-routing the cables right off the bat, explain to them that they stand the potential the signal and cable to degrade over time due to the heat. If they want to do it "right" and re-route new and possibly higher grade cabling, good for them. If they are willing to take the chance using what they already have, you've done your job, informed the customer of their options and can do your best to make them happy while walking away with a clean conscience. Sean