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My listening room will be significantly larger. I close in a few days so I'll be able to really see what I'm talking about. I use the Harmonic Precion Caravelles on their dedicated stands. I'm praying that they sound well in the new place. The Caravelles have in the past 2 years done it all for me, and then some. what's peaking my interest is the Maggie 20s or 20.1 (or maybe ther 3.6s) Years ago I owned a pair of Tympani 1D. Never got them out of my mind. Room constraints were always the clincher. an extremely tough WAF in my case. I've also become intrigued with the Wilson Sohias or a used pair of Watt Puppy 6s. I'm in the ny area so I will be able to audition all. Any thoughts from my fellow audiophools? thanks in advance. peace, warren :-)
Wilson Sophia's or WP6's? Warren, did someone steal your password?
Warren I am using my Caravelles with a pair of James EMB 1200 subs, each on their own Sistrum Sp101 paltforms..With the subs as tight to the outside of the mains as possible and one half inch back the blend is seamless. In fact I was able to loop one leg of the subwoofer platform over and into a cutout of the main speakers Sistrum stand..This made the whole package tighter in configuration and also sound. The Caravelles are run full range and the James subs work from the bottom up to 40hz and then roll out..With the subs in the mix the stage is extended and is more focused. Really the stage can be wall to wall, up to 21.5 feet in width. I have found that adding a slight tilt backwards to the Caravelles [1/8 in.] opens up the highs raises the stage as if the players are in front of you and stabilizes the whole audible picture. Having Maggies in the past and having sold other planar speakers such as Martin Logans and listened many times to the Soundlabs, I prefer the focus and image stability of cones such as the ones I own..I am geographically located south of the Ohio river in Louisville Ky..stop in.. I am a dealer. Tom
If you go with the Maggies you'll also have to get rid of your YBA. Based upon you history of posts, what are the real chances of you finding a better sounding system?
Howard- LOL.

Warren is probably experiencing what we all do from time to time- the thought that it "could be better".Experience proves that sometimes, it really can be.

The real anguish is finding out you really miss a certain component.

As a former owner of Magneplanars, I must say they do get in your soul:)
Warren, I agree with Onhwy61. You LOVE your system. If anything, I'd suggest trying out a Capitole MKII. You already like the AA signature, and it will fill the room better than the Prima does.
'twas just a thought. I have a good feeling the Caravelles will do my new space fine. Tom, I'll check out your suggestion. I'm, still, as happy as a clam with these babies. True, if I went with Maggies I'd need some serious watts to make those babies sing. I wonder what I was thinking. Audiogon enui, I suppose. If I took a second to reread my post, I probably would have hit delete. peace, warren :)
I realize now what came over me; and rightfully so. The house I just bought has a much larger listening space, and with one side of room opening into a huge hallway, plus a very high ceiling left me with the jitters. I've got to move more air. I have decided (after doing some homework) to go with Tom's suggestion and try the JamesEMB 1500 sub with the Sistrum 101s. Since Tom has the Caravelles and we have shared our listening experiences and general awe on what these babies can do, I feel the James 1500s will provide what my little Sunfire cannot. Too much to ask from one sub with only a 10 incher for this size room. My Caravelles and [now] 2 JamesEMB1500s? I'm getting all tingly. I love this hobby. I'll let you know on down the audio highway how things go. Moving next week and have oodles to do. warren :-)
Tweaking for the past couple of days, but I think I'm there. Got myself in a 8.5 foot equilateral triangle, with both subs on the inside of my Caravelles. Set at 50 Hz and the gain at 12 o'clock high. Perfect for my listening space. Two are better than one, and bigger is better. These 15s capture the audio way down (distortion: non existant, nada, zero) below and bring depth, detail, and a true audio sense of more quality information from top to bottom. Quite amazing. warren :-)