Makeshift Isolation - Advice Needed

Until I can afford a proper audio rack, my audio equipment will be resting on top of a DIY photography box made of melamine. There are pine panels on the front and back of the box, and only these panels touch the floor. I was also thinking of putting my LPs inside the box, while the equipment rests on top.

The box is strong enough to hold the equipment, but I doubt it's any good with vibration. I managed to find some 1/2" thick felt in the basement. If I place the felt under the box, would this provide suitable dampening? If it matters, I have hardwood floors.

I'm also a bit concerned because I will have to stack my audio components on top of one another (Nait 5i and CD5i). Would it help if I placed some of the felt in between the units as well? There is no exhaust on the top/bottom of either unit and they run fairly cool.

Thanks for the help.
Hockey pucks!

Really there cheap and make good isolators. you can go crazy (as I have) for not much $.
A simple and farly effective solution to the negative effects of stacking equipment is to use V-Pads between each component. V-pads are identical to Mapleshade IsoBlocks but larger and at a fraction of the cost. These rubber/cork/rubber pads are about 1 1/2" thick and available at heating and air conditioning suppliers for about $4. each.
They are what I use in my HT setup, they are very stable and I'm very pleased with the resulting sound.

For the interface between your cabinet and hardwood floor you might want to try Herbies Audio de-coupling pads. They are relatively inexpersive and you can get a full refund within 60 days if you don't like
Thanks, but I still want to know if the felt will work. This is only a temporary fix, so I'm trying to work with what I have.

Concerning the components, each has four rubber feet. If I place some felt underneath those rubber feet, will this provide adequate isolation?

Thanks again.
what u got?:} a hose,white stockpaper,tv tray tops,unused cutting board,concrete blocks.started out as makeshift,the principles involved though, are very clear to hear.should not all components have some isolation? The speakers off the carpet cleared up the bass.Good Luck
No, felt doesn't provide good isolation, otherwise there wouldn't be a problem putting components directly on top of carpet, but those rubber feet under each one of your components do (ever wonder why manufacturers make those?).


Jgiacalo makes good sense. he tries a lot of DIY this & that's... I'd listen to him if at this point in time you are seeking inexpensive isolation gizmos... or any for that matter.

The Holy Grail in this past time is always going to be... "Try it and see!"

Personally, I'd say pass on the felt for vibration control.... works fine inside speakers, and here or there for airborne or acoustical treatment help, but it doesn't hanndle weight.

Want cheap? Stoppers. Simple drain plug stoppers. Cut off the eye the chain goes thru and use 'em. Available in lots of different sizes and cost a buck or less, each.

Footers are placed under gear for two reasons... convection cooling and damping.

Get a tube of Blue Tact and make your own 'balls' to put under the gear footers. It's widely recomended for use with speakers on stands.

The idea here is to try something. you'll be better off buying an MDF rack from Big Lots over using the one you speak of here. or two of them side by each. About $20 $40 each.... until you can get a properly damped rack.

There are literally tons of threads here and reviews too on iso devices. I even posted one myself. Do a little searching of the archives and you'll see what other's use or have used. It will or may suprise you what sorts of goofy looking items can actually do to help damp or isolate your gear and/or racks.

But if you don't try any for yourself, you'll just never know. Heavy, solid and as nonresonant as possible are what I seek in a rack. give 'em the knuckle rap test and see if it rings or rattles... it should be quite dead.

Good luck.
I should have mentioned that I cannot test any of these DIY fixes - at least not yet. I'm still waiting on the speakers, interconnect, and power cord. I'm just trying to plan ahead so I can start enjoying the music ASAP.

I already have a prospective audio rack in mind, so I don't want to invest too much in a temporary fix (e.g. a flexy rack). I would also like to use my existing cabinet as the dimensions work well in my challenging space. I'm not familiar with 'V-Pads' or 'Herbies Audio De-Coupling Pads', but I will look into it. Any advice on where I should begin?

Actually, let me restate my needs. I need to isolate the following:
- DIY cabinet from the HW floor
- Int. Amp. from the CD Player
- Turntable from desk

Which product would be best for the respective isolation needs above? For instance, should I use the Herbie Pads to isolate the cabinet, the V-Pads to isolate the TT, and perhaps something else for the audio components? I would like to keep the total cost well under $50. I would also appreciate some recommendations on where to buy this stuff (in Canada).

Thanks again for all the feedback!

P.S. I'm a bit adverse to Bluetak as it has been known to remove the veneer from some speaker cabinets (even when using small amounts).

Foot sanding stones


TNT Stoneblocks