Maker G9

Just a heads up to audition this amp if you can.

I've had (and have too) many amps (mainstream and esoteric) - Audiomat Prelude Reference, DK Design Group VS-1 Ref, Bluenote Demidoff Signature, Electrocompaniet, Bel Canto, Pathos Twin Tower, Rowland, Gryphon, Red Rose Model 5, Accuphase (a great piece), Job 225, and many others.  So I think I have a reasonable reference point.  This is (IMHO) a fantastic amp, my favorite to date.  Mine has the laser and balanced option, so don't know if that make a big change over the "base" unit..

It seems to do every thing well: detail, natural, non-fatiguing, frequency balance, power, image specificity, soundstage, dynamics all are right on.

I've only used it with the speakers I currently have: Odyssey Lorelei, Joseph Audio and Silverline, so YMMV.

There's not much about the amp, so I wanted to let you guys know what I hear.
Jpepper, glad to hear you like the Maker.  I just sold my Conrad Johnson Premier 140 with the teflon upgrades to purchase a Maker Ref2 stereo amp.  I have not received it yet.  Comes in the mail on Monday.  I am all butterflies now.  I gave up a huge amp.  Huge as in wonderful performance.  Very solid, powerful, musical, non fatiguing etc.  I really love the tube sound.  However, I hate looking at the mess of gear in my living room and I needed something that could hide.  I could not enclose (8) KT120 tubes, so I am moving to solid state.  I really loved the sound from my old amp.  At least I will be fronting the Maker with a Tube preamp, (First Sound Mark 3).  I also have 3 way Sonus Faber Luito speakers so I have a warm sounding speaker.  A lot of people said I should be running those speakers with solid state, so I took the dive.  Thanks for the positive review.  I have heard other people like this amp and I bought it sound unheard.  Very nervous.  I just could not see spending 30K or 50K for something like the Dan Dagostino.  Thats crazy money to me. 

I will report what I hear once I have it in the system and do some tuning.
any updates?