Make your own vacuum tubes

Just found this video and thought I'll post the link here as it's pretty amazing what the guy does there.

Hope this is the right part of the forum to post this.
Thanks for sharing that! I wonder how they sound?
This is a really cool post! Pretty complicated process. This guy is too smooth to be an amateur, especially with all of the techniques and equipment!
It must be hell to get good tubes in France!! And I thought I was a dedicated hobbyist!!
Probably the most amazing video I've seen. Let's get together and finance this guy to make true audiophile tubes.
Glad you guys enjoyed the clip, well, at 17 minutes clip is hardly the a word that does it justice.

Thing is that if he does it I'm sure there are others who do it. Wish there was a better place in the forum to post this as I'm sure a pretty much everybody here would appreciate this :)