make-over for amp.

HI AuGoNers,
my dad just recently hand over his bedini solid state amp and conrad johnson pre-amp and his kef 105 speakers to me,but instead of keeping them,i am going to surprise him with a complete make over for his equipments.these equipments havent play for the past 8-10 yrs.Can some one give me some advice on which part do i need to replace on these items? i have no clue on where to start..thanks
Do you mean changing/upgrading components?
I wouldn't do that!
I would assemble another system instead and keep it running as-is.
The 105's are great speakers. I would replace all of the parts in the 105 crossovers - this will make them superb speakers. Inductors from Jensen, Capacitors from Multicap and power resistors from Caddock. The difficulty is that you will need test equipment to characterize the inductors in order to find replacements. Are you an engineer?

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
i mean to replace parts within the components.i am not sure which part need to replace to make the amp updated..thanks
First-off, having an equipment that hasn't played for almost decade, I'd take off the covers and clean the circuit boards with soft paint brush preferably outdoors.
Second I'd give it a basic service:
Inspect with monocular and fix bad solder joints starting from the high voltage domain. While doing that you can also inspect the shape and values of the DC electrolytic capacitors that are very vulnerable to aging and loosing its discharge capabilities. I'd replace them all with corresponding Black Gate ones but size should be considered to fit onto the circuit board.
It's not neccessary to be an engineer but experience of a tech is pretty much desired.
Engineers exist to create problems and Techs exist to solve them:-)
As to semiconductors, they become better and better each single day hence there's a possibility to replace existing ones with same peak-Vcc and Hfe but better and more linear current characteristics... This indeed requires acceptable knowlege of semiconductors.