Make me feel better

I broke my cantilever off!
A Denon DL-103S with ~25 hours on it!
I hit it with my knuckle (finger) and it bent straight down and to the left.
I tried to get it back in position and it just fell off.
Tell me I'm not the only klutz with cartridges!
$250 wasted! Can anyone beat that?
I dont drink..what should I do to feel better?
David-treat yourself to a total system upgrade.
You deserve it.
I broke the cantilever off a Sumiko Blue Point Special whle mounting it., The seller took pity on me and sold me a replacement cheap. Guess what I did next. You have my sympathy. Nobody ever said vinyl was especially easy or convenient. But it sure beats the alternatives!
Don't feel bad, at least it was an accident. Out of curiosity, I removed the stylus assembly from a Grado cartridge and a bunch of fibrous grey stuff came out with it - total loss.
David, that's a bad break. I know you were really enjoying that cartridge. I'm real sorry to hear about it. Many of us have had similar occurrences, and it always hurts. Not much can be of any consolation. You just have to get a new one.
I broke a Dyna DV-20x some time ago, during setup. I can recall that throw-uppy feeling with crystal clarity.

Start drinking or get laid.
Not turntable-related, but I was recently experimenting with some DIY roller ball isolators under my tube monoblocks. I bumped one of the amps and it rolled backwards out of the rack, pulling the CD player with it, which in turn pulled the other amp down. Luckily, beause of the cables, everything fell very slowly and I was able to grab the CD player before fell completely. The only damage was one rectifier tube (and about 5 years off my life from the stress).
One time, when i was at band camp... : ) Sean

PS... NO, i never went to "band camp" : )

Nothing is going to make you feel better. I know because in 40 years, I have busted a BP Special and a Clearaudio Sigma Wood just trying to mount them. Slipped finger on the BPS, and big, big pins on the Clearaudio. Funny how this doesn't happen when you are mounting inexpensive cartridges. You won't feel better, but, at least, you are not alone --- many of us have been there.


I've not only broken cantilevers installing them, I also broke the tone arm wire and had to replace that. Now that cost me a bunch of money. I'm averse to doing anything to my turntables now, I'm cursed. Now's the time to upgrade your pick-up, there is an upside! I suggest you roll a bone and think about getting yourself a better cartridge.
You could switch over to an all-satellite radio system, never having to mess with that fussy vinyl (or make any significant musical decisions) ever again! (joke)
Add my name to the clumsy club historical rolls. This is actually a very good argument for not regretting having to play in the "merely" $250-ballpark...Just think how stupid you'd feel right about now if you had been running one of those multi-$K cart's (which so many audiophiles apparently seem to be able to purchase straight-faced without wondering what about their construction could possibly justify the orders-of-magnitude price increase over a base model...True, they might sound great, but any cartridge sounds the same with its cantilever under the sofa... :-)
I have twice come home to a cantilever that was sitting on the LP. I'm not sure who did it although once I'm pretty sure it was the babysitter. The other time I can't find anyone to blame. For that reason David99 I am blaming you! It's all your fault, because I don't want to be responsible for it!
There, after breaking my cantilever and being scolded about it, do you feel better about breaking your own???
Well David:

You have certainly improved since the time that you used a powered up Aleph 3 for a foot stool and ended up branding a portion of your body.

Now you can consider yourself an older/wiser much more delicate/refined "klutz".

Feel better?
I broke a cantilever off my Clearaudion cartridge with zero hours on it when I flicked the tonearm into the side of a record while unlatching the tonearm lock on my new Rega p3. I still have to be careful with that thing, it just doesn't suit my fat fingered approach. The vendor sent me a new cartridge for only $160, taking pity on the inept.
Thanks guys,at least you made me laugh!
Tom,hows a basic 103 sound? What do those letters mean anyway? 103S,103R etc..
Sean-Band camp? I should have known :~)
Jeff-I tore out a tonearm wire once too :>(
Nrchy- I broke your cantilever both times.I was with your baby sitter too.Didnt know?
Dekay-Im glad you remember the "aleph burn" I didnt know those suckers got so hot!
Thanks guys for the support.Time to shop around.
David, a basic 103 is nice, but not as nice as what you had. It would work on the Alphason, but the highs would not be as nice as the R,S,or D models. It has a different(lower) compliance(same as the R model), and the S model and D model are medium compliance family. Your S cartridge shared more characteristics with the D model, than with the basic 103 or 103R. Unfortunately, the D model costs even more than the S model. I think if you really liked the S, then you should get it again, or else step up to a Shelter 501.
Tom-The biggest problem is finding these Denon's.
The 103 is a easy find but the others,well you know.
I'd buy a 103S again in a heart beat if I knew where to get one.
The Shelter is out of my price range.
Im leaning towards a used Grado Platinum .5mv
I had the 4.6mv version and really liked it.
The LO are better sounding,or so I've read.
My phono has 65db gain and my Alphason likes heavy p.u.'s so I have to be careful.The grado's are rather light so that may not be a good choice anyway.
I need a 103S again I'd say.
I can live with my SACD's until I find one.
You are not alone! I waited three months for a new Benz Micro Glider...Cost $800.00. When I was installing it on my arm the strong moving coil magnet pulled a small steel square I was using and clipped off the entire Boron cantilever at the base....Zero hours on cart. Replacement under 'OPPS' clause from Needle Doctor cost an additonal $400.00. After another two month wait I was very careful not to have any magnetic materials within 20 feet of that Benz! I was heart broken for a long time!
Quincy-MAN! Thats sad! I dont feel bad for myself anymore after reading that and other cartridge tragedies here.
Quincy, that's the cart I have now (M2 version, but I have to admit I was able to get away spending less with a trade-in [of my busted old AQ] and discount from The Elusive Disc, thank goodness...I also didn't have to wait like you did - what's up with that stuff?). Anyway, the thing that initially held me back the most was this cart's totally exposed 'nude' bodiless design, which won't even accept a stylus protector and doesn't come with one, a first for me. And that needle for sure does stick right out there, not to mention the generator assembly and those wires much thinner than a hair.

Now I'm used to handling this cart and don't feel so much like I'm living on the edge of disaster all the time, but suspect this level of comfort is illusory: Like you, I learned first-hand that when they say to watch out because the magnet is so strong, they aren't just whistling dixie. Fortunately, my stars must have been in alignment the day I unthinkingly brought this cart and a free piece of metal within several inches of one another - like an insaniac, I seem to have been seized by the momentary idea that I was going to use a steel jeweler's screwdriver to assist in dressing my headshell lead-out wires (Doh!!) - and I can confirm that unexpectedly experiencing an object ripped from your grasp and moving through space straight toward your cartridge at such a lightning rate of acceleration will definitely lose you a few heartbeats you won't be getting back anytime soon. I can still close my eyes and practically feel that sickening sensation at the moment of impact. Don't know how I ever escaped this one with zero damage done, but something tells me that in the end it'll only be a matter of time...

And the digital-only types wonder what makes us treasure so much our time wasted on vinyl-playing preparatories...Hey, as a thrill, it's safer than rock-climbing...
David, I believe that the DL103S is available from Denon America, as a stocked item. Check it out.
Tom-I checked your heads up.
They only sell the 110 and 160, both HO
Thanks anyway.
David, sorry for your disaster. Try visiting EIFL's website at:

They advertise several Denon models for export:
DL-103 $227
DL-103R $277
DL-103PRO $377

These prices include international shipping. You'll have to ask others here about the differences between models.
Thank you Doug!
First the Good News (for you anyway!)

At least you can blame yourself. My friends kids were playing with my new TT (without my knowledge of course) and they severely bent the cantilever of my new Benz Micro Glider II ($800).

Now, the bad news (for you, for me it was great news!)

The dealer did give me $300 for the cartridge body as a trade in, and the boys father, a long time and very good friend, gave me another $300 towards a new cartridge.

Let this be a warning. Buy a cartridge with a stylus guard and use it always! (I bought a Koetsu Black, and yes, it has a stylus guard! Lesson learned.)
I certainly agree with the stylus guard comment. I always have my stylus guard on my cartridge at all times when not playing. I remove it before play, and replace it when done playing. I always have it in place when installing the cartridge. It may be a little bit inconvenient, but you soon get used to it, and it becomes habit. It can save that cartridge in the event of a mishap. I think it is a good idea to get into that habit.
Exactly why I was so hesitant to purchase this cart - I don't regret it, but probably will one day...
This is my list

Audio Technica atc oc9 First one, Bent the cantilever installing it.

Audio Technica atc oc9 broken Cantilever, #1 son

Audio Technica atc oc9 broken Cantilever, #2 son

Micro Benz Glider Bent cantilever, Cleaning lady

These are opportunities to get a new and better Cartridge,
May I suggest the Shelter 501
Ron, this event sounds like it's basically a rite of passage in your family...If your household were more numerous, you'd have an Insider Gold by now... :-)
Zaikes, well the last two kids, I have 4,

you know I forgot #3 son also launched an ATC 0C9 as well. I got one to tide me over between my Glider and the Van den hull Frog I got after the Glider.
My little girl is the only one not to have broken one.

Now I have my listening room, No more toddlers,
and my Shelter 501, Life is GOOD!
I broke my Denon DL-103 too, so you're not the only one ;-) I broke it while moving my table to a new location and installing a new phono stage, so I never even got to hear the table on the new phono stage. Oh well - at least it wasn't some Keotsu. Cheers,
One begins to get a picture of why there are so many manufacturers vying for a piece of a business pie I had previously assumed to be a bit smaller than I now realize it must it, break it, buy it, break it...