Majik/Genki vs Classik

Has anyone had experience comparing these Linn components? Is the Majik + Genki combo worth it over the Classik?
I've owned the Classik and loved it. Not reference, but very good. The Genki player is superior, however the Majik I found to be very thin sounding. I'd vote the Classik overall.
I'd spend a few more bucks and get separates....unless this is a second system and space is a big consideration. The Classik can sound very nice with the correct speakers though.

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I have owned both and the Majik is superior sounding to the Classik - though the classik has some really nice features and is great value. The Majik is among the best integrateds out there, and partnered with the Genki, would be slightly more satisfying than the Classik. As a sidenote I would not bother with the variable outputs of the Genki - to me they just don't sound right. The Majik/Genki would be a beautifully smooth combination. Also, despite its meagre 33 watts it seems more powerful than the Classik as well.
I've been considering a Classik (and now the Majik/Genki combination) for an office system and was wondering what speakers you guys have used along with them and any recommendations you might have. Thanks!
I'm running a Classik with Silverline SP12's and two runs of OCOS wires and it's a great sounding combination. I particularly like the ability to hear all the music at lower as well as higher volumes. As I am working a contract away from home it's a great appartment friendly setup.
For an office system I would go with the Classik - The performance differences between it and the Majik/Genki would be unappreciable in an office environment but the features and convenience the Classic offers are truly brilliant. You can program it to turn on and off when you want - to a particular track on a cd or a radio station, it powers down by itself when not in use...

If it's not for your main system (or even if it is and you want the convenience) I would go for the Classik. If you think you want to embark on a steady and expensive path of continuous upgrading to get the absolute best sound then consider the Majik/Genki.