maintenance of the piano black sf concertos

I am in the market for a pair of sonus faber concertos. I am still deciding on the black piano finish or the oak finish. To the audiphiles who have the black piano may I direct this question to you. Do you fell that the lacquer finish deteriorates more compared to the wood? Maybe more prone to scratches? Or harder to maintain?

If given the chance would you buy the black piano finish again?



I don't know if you have ever owned a Black Car but it is very much the same way. When New, nothing looks better, but fine scratches and swirling will occur by keeping them clean. So to answer your question, yes they are more prone to revealing scratches in their appearance.

The Walnut is much more durable and do not show swirling. Anyway, you could always try cleaning them with a microfiber cloth only but I have never seen a pair that did not have some evidence of swirling in the finish.

And yes, I recently owned Walnut Concertos and now own Walnut Grand Pianos. They are wonderful speakers. Good luck.

Scratches in Wood are simple to cover.Scratched in Black paint are impossible to hide ! Even if you have a big chip in wood it is not that hard to mask it.Even touch up paint on painted surfaces show up a mile away....Tuff choice???
I have painted Speakers!
Joeij-If your heart is set on the black piano finish I would get them.
Go to a GOOD piano shop and see what they recommend.Its a chance they may have supplies in stock for sale that will keep your speakers looking like new.
In time you 'may' end up with very light swirls but then,maybe not.
If you do,they would be hard to see unless up close in good light.
Again,if you really want this finish,go for it.
How do you get hairline scatches out of the piano black finish on the SF Concertos ??
Thank you all who help.
try a good car wax. They are designed for such things!

I had a piano finish Kharma speaker, they can be easily cleaned, but if they get damaged, the repair is astronomical! Of course they are one of the best looking finishes available.

The best way to remove hairline scratches/swirls on a black piano finish is with some 3M products basically made for the auto industry. I would start with the Imperial Microfinishing Compound and finish with the Foam Polishing Pad Glaze. You can apply these by hand using a very soft cotton cloth and some muscle or get a orbital polishing machine. Be sure to use a different cloth or pad for each product and work fast. If you still have scratches after that you may want to step down to the Super Duty Rubbing Compound and then work your way back up the the Polishing Glaze. Any supplier to the auto or wood finishing industry will carry these products. A coat of Rain Dance car wax after the polishing will help retard further scratching, but nothing will prevent it unless one never dusts/cleans the surface.

Zymol "HD Cleanse" followed up with Zymol "Vintage" wax.

to apply the HD...use a soft hand polishing pad and to remove use microfiber towels (wal mart has them) that have been washed...and then rinsed MULTIPLE times as the soap will leave a haze. Trust me on the multiple rinses.

do a small area at a time and don't let the product dry before removal.

the Vintage wax is just icing on the cake as you really aren't exposing the speakers to the elements that a car is exposed to, but the shine you'll get....ohhhhh yeah.

I may not know stereos like many people on this site...but when it comes to waxing a car...I'm OCD...and the Dr's I detail for won't go anywhere else if that says anything.

No...I don't sell zymol...but I swear by it...and so do lots of people that show their cars at the Pebble Beach Concours.
Hi guys,

thanks for the reply to the post. With what it takes to maintain the balck piano finish I t would be the walnut finish for me.

Thanks again. This forum is the best.

I have never tried it, but what about blowing the dust off with compressed air?