Main vs. sub panel for dedicated lines

I am building a second home on my property. Will have a dedicated audio room. I will be routing 2 or 3 dedicated lines for my audio system. The high current devices for the home will be run off the main panel. I will install a sub panel supplied by the main to accommodate power for 2 bedrooms and a 1/2 bathroom.  

Question, should I run my dedicated lines off the main or the sub panel? I could move some of the high current devices to the sub panel if needed.

Thanks in advance for advice. 
Your dedicated LINE (singular, not plural) runs off the main panel.
Riley, thanks for the link. 

MC, the sub panel is run off the main by a dedicated 240 2-phase line. If I have 3 lines run back to either the sub or main panel each tied to it's own breaker then I have 3 dedicated lines to my system do I not?