Main fuse location on Joule VZN-80 MKIV

Well my Joule has s**t the bed!! I am major bummed. Left it running with a cd on repeat to help in break in on a new CDP and come back to find it humming w/no sound and no mains voltage showing on the meter. Powered down and back up and voltage increases as the power is brought up via the captive variac in the ps, until I hit 60, then it goes off-scale (I think, its a digital volt meter). I have checked the variac fuse and the 4 B+ fuses and they appear to be OK. Cannot find the main fuse which is NOT where it shows on the manual (on back apron, dead center). Pulled top cover and cannot find it, but there is another circuit board underneath and I am not pulling it apart any further. Anyone know where the fuse is, or have any ideas. I will call Judd at Joule in the a.m. TIA.
I wouldn't trust anyone but Jud on this issue. It may go beyond the fuse.

Best of luck.

Yeah, Jud gave me the fuse location, but it is fine :-(. Guess its going back.