Main Audiogon site barely works?

Has anyone else noticed over the past couple of days that the main Audiogon sales site seems to be on life support? It takes at least 20-30 seconds to load, and any changes in listing etc may or may not happen before the website times out. This didn't seem to be the case on Thursday but since yesterday the site has been barely useable. I'm wondering if it's just me or if there's a real server issue? 
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The main site and forums are working for me again this morning.
Things still seem a bit 'buggy'...maybe the server inadvertently linked to a Lovecraft Country episode and got confused....
Audiogon site is all &^* Up.   Today refreshing browser on "" had me logged in another member's account.   Database is hosed!!!
Hope nobody use my account with fraudulent activities.
Getting worse, every time refreshing browser had me login a different member's account.
With past updates, it was usually me who had a hard time getting back on. This time, when it finally came back up, I got on and continue to do so without any problems. 

Good luck and keep trying. If nothing avails, contact Tammy at admin.

All the best,